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Arrow is a locally owned family business that values its reputation in the DeKalb area. We sealcoat driveways, parking lots, and provide striping.

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We sealcoat driveways and parking lots. We also apply neat, crisp striping to parking lots.
We clean and repair surfaces using quality products with high-performance equipment. All of this is done by our trusted, experienced staff.


  • UV radiation or sunlight breaks down asphalt and makes it inflexible
  • When asphalt loses its flexibility it becomes brittle, begins to crack and break
  • Unsealed asphalt gives poor resistance to melting salts, chemicals and oils
  • Gasoline and oil will dissolve directly into the asphalt, softening it and eventually damaging it
  • Sealcoating asphalt will ensure that it has a much longer life than unsealed pavement
  • Sealcoating increases the aesthetic value of your property
  • It gives excellent resistance to water
  • It provides superior weathering ability
  • It is non-scuffing under normal conditions

Think of your asphalt investment like wood. You need to keep it clean, caulked and painted to protect its longevity. It is logical to shield your asphalt pavement with a coating that will protect it from harmful elements. We use a coal tar and asphalt emulsion pitch fortified with liquid latex rubber, to protect any asphalt surface.

Our expert team is ready to attend to your asphalt work, promptly and competently!

Arrow uses only quality material. Serving Christ and Our Community.

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Rubber Crack Filling

Rubber Crack Filling

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Commercial Seal Coating

Commercial Work

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Small Patch Repairs

Small Patch Repairs

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Commercial Accounts

Commercial Clients

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Residential Sealcoating

Residential Work

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Power Washing

Power Washing

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Arrow is a locally owned family business serving DeKalb, Illinois and surrounding areas. We value our reputation and help customers understand the process and importance of caring for their asphalt. We look forward to making your asphalt beautiful and new again!

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