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Driveway Sealcoating

Whether your driveway is brand new or aged, it needs to be sealed at least every other year, and there are a number of reasons why.

Top 10 Reasons to get your driveway sealed by Arrow Sealcoating this summer:

1. You won’t ruin clothes and boots when you try to do it yourself
2. Snow will melt twice as fast on a fresh, black driveway, so less ice in winter
3. Keeps harmful elements away from asphalt, i.e., oil, gas, salt & UV rays
4. Seals asphalt’s natural oils in for extended life
5. Hot tar crack filler repels moisture and slows further cracking
6. It is cheaper than buying a new driveway!
7. Your driveway and property will have an attractive new appearance
8. Arrow uses industrial strength products and equipment
9. We are a reliable, affordable and locally owned family business
10. Hire us today and it will free you up to do things you enjoy!

Arrow Sealcoating performs the following services:

Preparation of Driveway

Arrow's Guarantee:

Power Washing

Power washing periodically will extend your exterior surface's service life and enhance their beauty. Determining when exterior surfaces are in need of cleaning may be difficult because the dirt and grime can build up so slowly. However, once the process is done, the result of freshly cleaned concrete, siding, fences, and more, is very noticeable.

Why Maintain Exterior Surfaces?

Concrete with oil and grease stains

Cleaning Equipment

Concrete Sealer

Hot Rubber Crack Sealing

Cracks are a normal part of asphalt. They can grow and eventually destroy the driveway, but getting them filled with hot tar can seal them up and slow the cracking process.

Hot Sealant


For Commercial Facilities, Condos, Churches, Funeral Homes, Offices, Shopping Centers, Schools, Restaurants, Retailers, Apartments, and Supermarkets.

The parking lot striping also helps in improving the flow of traffic in the parking lot. The parking lot striping attracts and helps customers of an establishment, making the grounds look professional and clean.

Parking Lots

Handicapped Spaces

Pavement Stencils

Curb Paint

Aquaphalt Pot Hole and Crack Repair


Revolutionary permanent asphalt and concrete repair material for pot hole repair, pavement repair, utility cuts, walkways, tennis courts and driveway repair — it works even in wet and cold conditions

What is it?

Aquaphalt F.A.Q.

How Long Does Aquaphalt™ Take To Set Up?

In normal conditions, Aquaphalt’s proprietary binder reacts with water within 15 minutes and roadway repairs can be opened to normal traffic upon completion of work. In fact, road traffic actually helps with final compaction of the product. Within 24 hours, the repair is completely set up and permanent.

How Long Does Aquaphalt™ Last?

Aquaphalt™ is the real permanent repair. The repair will be stronger than the surrounding material and typically outlasts the surrounding material. Existing repairs in Europe are in excess of 10 years old and still in excellent condition. The VDOT Field Trial patch, installed in January of 2008 in Sandstone, VA is still in excellent shape today.

How Is Aquaphalt™ “Environmentally Friendly?”

Unlike other asphalt repair products containing toxic solvents, Aquaphalt has a proprietary, plant-based binder which is completely safe for the environment and contains absolutely no VOCs. Aquaphalt is a virtual food grade product...but we advise against eating it!

What Is In Aquaphalt™?

Aquaphalt is comprised of traditional aggregate (stone) and a proprietary, plant-based binder and vegetable oil. When the binder reacts with plain water during application, it sets up to form a permanent repair.